Admission Fee and Scholarship

Admission Fee and Tuition Fee (As of 2016.4)

Examination fee 30,000 Japanese yen

Admission fee

282,000 Japanese yen

Tuition fees

535,800 Japanese yen a year (267,900 x1st and 2nd semester)

Others Fees for Student insurance and texts
  • Lump sum payment for the tuition fees is acceptable.
  • Details on exemptions and postponement of fees will be provided when the notification of acceptance is delivered.

Exemption from and Postponement of the Admission and Tuition Fees

There are schemes for an exemption from and the postponement of the admission and tuition fees for students facing financial difficulties or suffering from serious illnesses/injuries and for other contingencies. Students have to submit the prescribed application form during the period of acceptance. As this period is different for each school, students should inquire individually with the administration office for details.

Scholarships and Financial Support

Prospective and current international students of Tohoku University may have scholarship opportunities.For Details, please click here