Tohoku University began the International Post-Graduate Program in Human Security in April 2005. It is a joint educational project undertaken by four of the University’s graduate schools, by integrating their rich academic research and experience with international cooperation vis-à-vis Asia.

Fears about food shortages, lack of nutrition, deterioration of public health and the environment, social conflicts, lack of education, etc. prevent people from living their lives safely and with dignity. With the goal of contributing to true “human security,” this program is designed to educate the current and future generations of leaders and professionals who have the potential to alleviate human insecurity at the international and domestic level.

The main purpose of this project is to intellectually contribute to the construction of an international society where people are blessed with a secure and stable life, free from danger.

Japanese as well as international candidates who are post-graduate students and full-fledged members of society (from Asian countries in particular) are considered for admission. Applicants are requested to demonstrate competence in the social sciences, medical sciences, and humanities and their potential for leadership in the field of Human Security.

Our program covers various educational curricula, because it is jointly offered by four different graduate schools. It is an interdisciplinary program, linking the social sciences, humanities, and natural sciences.