This program has four programs—Food and Agriculture for Human Security, Public Health Sciences for Human Security, Human Security and Society, and Human Security and Environment —headed by the Graduate School of Agricultural Science, Graduate School of Medicine, Graduate School of International Cultural Studies, and Graduate School of Environmental Studies, respectively. The four schools provide the curricula for understanding the intricacies of various problems related to food, health, regional communities, and environment.

Program of the Graduate School of Medicine

Field of Study: Preventable death events as well as social systems that form the background of events, such as infectious diseases, chemical hazards, disasters, patient safety, etc.

Program of the Graduate School of Agricultural Science

Field of Study: Food security at the national and household level, food safety and nutrition, farming and marketing, sustainable agricultural development, rural development and rural institutions, village governance, and role sharing between the market and the government for development.

Program of the Graduate School of International Cultural Studies

Field of Study: Research into the individual social security problem and how daily lives are affected by human rights violations, gender bias, conflicts, and refugee status. Further, research on the establishment of social security in the changing environment surrounding different states and their citizens.

Program of the Graduate School of Environmental Studies

Field of Study: Education and research into the extent to which environmental changes of water, forest, soil, climate, and ecosystems influence people’s lives and communities.