Public Health Sciences for Human Security
Food and Agriculture for Human Security
Human Security and Society
Human Security and Environment
AWARD Ms. Minakshi Keeni (D1 GSAS ) was awarded "Poster Prize " by The Agricultural Economics Society of Japan.
Report Dysphagia Rehabilitation.
Report People-Centered Housing Recovery: Social Equity in Disaster Reconstruction.
Report The Uncertainty of Flood.
Report World Disaster and Human Security

(1) Master's Theses

•Business strategy of cattle farmers and bottleneck in production under the rise in beef price; A case study in Malang District(牛肉価格の上昇下における畜産農家の経営戦略と障害-マラン県の事例-)(2017.9)
•Adoption Level of Farmers on Certified and Non-Certified Potato Seeds in Tosari Sub-District, Pasuruan District(パスルアン県トサリ郡における認証種芋と非認証種芋の採択水準)(2017.9)
•Understanding requirements for satisfaction of Community-Based Settlement Reconstruction Program(防災集団移転促進事業における持続可能性の検討)(2017.9)
•Consumers' Perspectives Regarding Food Safety:Focusing on Vegetables and Fruits in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia(食品安全性に関する消費者の意識 ―モンゴル国のウランバートル市における野菜と果物を中心に―)(2017.9)
•DIVERSIFYING GHANA'S ELECTRICITY MIX:A CLEAN COAL TECHNOLOGY ALTERNATIVE(ガーナにおける電力エネルギーミックスの多様化 ―代案としてのクリーンコールテクノロジー―)(2017.9)
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