Public Health Sciences for Human Security
Food and Agriculture for Human Security
Human Security and Society
Human Security and Environment
AWARD Ms. Minakshi Keeni (D1 GSAS ) was awarded "Poster Prize " by The Agricultural Economics Society of Japan.
Report Dysphagia Rehabilitation.
Report People-Centered Housing Recovery: Social Equity in Disaster Reconstruction.
Report The Uncertainty of Flood.
Report World Disaster and Human Security

(1) Master's Theses

•Socio-Economic Impact of Paddy’s Threshing Machine Utilization In Rice Production Area: Case Study in Serang District, Banten Province (2016.3)
•Detection of defensin alpha1 in the urine of leptospirosis patients with kidney injury (2015.9)
•Studies on Geographic Distribution of Doctors in Thailand: Policy Proposals in Solving the Doctor Shortage in Rural Areas (2015.9) >> summary
•Enhancement of Radioresistance by Fractionated Radiation Exposure (2015.3)
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