Admission Examination


The number of new students to be accepted is as follows.

Program Master's Course Doctoral Course
Public Health Sciences for Human Security 2 -
Food & Agriculture for Human Security 2 1
Human Security and Society 2 1
Human Security and Environment 2 1
Total 8 3


The entrance examination is carried out by each graduate school separately. Please visit the URL of the graduate school you are going to apply and find out the required
information (Acceptance period, Admission requirements, Application form, Procedures and so on) .

The Graduate School of Medicine
Program "Public Health Sciences for Human Security"
Degree Master (Medical Science) Master (Public Health)
Contact Person Prof. Hitoshi Oshitani
Administration Office m-daigakuin*
The Graduate School of Agricultural Science
Program “Food & Agriculture for Human Security"
Degree Master (Agricultural Science)
Doctor (Agricultural Science)
Contact Person Prof. Katsuhito Fuyuki 
Administration Office agr-kyom*
The Graduate School of International Cultural Studies
Program "Human Security and Society"
Degree Master (International Cultural Studies)
Master (Interdisciplinary Studies)
Doctor (International Cultural Studies)
Doctor (PhD)
Administration Office int-kkdk*
The Graduate School of Environmental Studies
Program "Human Security and Environment"
Degree Master (Environmental Studies)
Master (Interdisciplinary Studies)

Doctor (Environmental Studies)

Doctor (PhD)
Contact Person Assoc. Prof. Daisuke Komori
Administration Office kyom*

Contact (Program Office) : human_security*

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